The Meeting!

I'm parked outside this house in the middle of the mountains. It looks like a scene from a movie. I'm waiting for Frodo to hand me a ring and say good luck, bud. The house is smooshed between woodland and fresh air, better than velvet. All I have to do is make it to the door without overthinking.


Sherry opens the door, and all of my fears and uneasiness melt away. She's the mom everyone hopes to have but talks to you like a stern father. I've gotten pretty good at getting yelled at and forsaken. Sherry walks me to her office and tells me to sit on her massage table and get comfortable. Gar is throwing a fit in my stomach. So far, no velvet.

I love around, and there are simple decorations around the room. No skulls! I see a bookcase with different genres like meditation, reiki, and various self-help books. This seems like such a peaceful place. Gar is going to ruin it.

Like my breakfast.


Sherry: "So how can I help you"?

Me: "Yeah, um, I don't know how to say this, but…I have a demon problem…the man at Salem told me."

Sherry: '". . . ."

Here I explain everything. Oh, you know, like all the crystals I bought, the homemade holy water, oh she loved that one, me washing my walls, the value pack of sage I purchased, my broken mirror error, the prayers I rehearsed, and my undeniable demise- Gar. I was expecting her to grab my hand and look worried for me. Hell, maybe not the best word, I thought she'd at least look worried or concerned?

She started laughing.


"TRUST ME. You would KNOW if you had a demon attached to you. In fact, your neighbors would too, and probably the whole damn town and STATE!


"You don't have a demon. She looks irritated but not at me. Who the hell told you all of that holly-ba-lou?! And my dear, don't go to Salem for a reading. It's a tourist trap.



She explained that it was not a demon, sorry Gar, but my third eye-opening. I eventually learned that was a fancy name for your gut feeling or a slightly less fancy word for intuition.

I didn't see scary shadow monsters. In fact, it wasn't sleeping paralysis at all. As my honey loves to say, "It's my boy Spirit!" trying to communicate with me. I'm bad enough responding to text messages. So now I got to understand Spoopy things? Spoopy makes me laugh, and I've had enough of organic horror.

Sherry: "Nah! It's just the other side trying to say hello!"

Me: "Trying…to say…hello?"

Do I press 1 for English?!


Intro over- It was time for my "healing session." She mixes reiki chakra rebalancing work and channels Spirit while I lay awkward and confused on the massage table. At least it's comfortable. Back then? I had no idea what the hell she was doing, let alone how she knew the things she did. From my sore spot with my father to talking sternly about my right knee?!

Sherry: "Why are you jumping so much?! Your knee is going to give out!"

Me" "Ehaha…I teach Zumba?"

Sherry: "Oh, that sounds like fun! Always loved dancing! But be careful!"

Me: "Ah, yes, ma'am!"


We'll skip over the cryfest I had concerning past relationships and broken hearts. Even my damn deceased dog came through!

After I ate a tissue box, it was time for me to sit up. Everything felt different.

Apparently, I am super close with one of my grandmothers. One I never met. Yeah, she's also the same lady who apparently helps me into situations and relationships to help me learn lessons here on Earth. That's another blog… and then purposely sabotages them to get me out of them after I "learned my lesson(s). Well, thanks. Grams…

Couldn't just send a damn letter.

I learned so much. What chakras are. Spirit. Archangels and other deities such as gods and goddesses. Spirit guides and what the "real" afterlife is. I'll "spew" that one later. The best thing she taught me?

How to turn it off.


I'm walking to my car after giving Sherry the BIGGEST hug I think I've ever given a human in my life. What is the first thing I do after finally getting answers? Relief? An explanation?!

I call my mom.


And that is how my mother and I started our in-depth discussions about the ethereal. It has also taken me 5 years to spell that without reference. No worries, I now blame my grandmother for anything I am not good at or failed miserably in.

The least she could do was help me spell.


I'm onto a new adventure! No more Gar! No more fear! Can this be? After telling a handful of people, I packed up my assortment of doodads and bobbles. Sherry told me only to keep things that made me feel good- my trash can was full by sundown. Every night I go to be anxious and terrified. This night I was apprehensive. Improvement? The next morning I cried- of joy, of course.

I sleep through the night.



Let's get up and start this DAY! Ahhhhhh-yeah!!!! Dressed and ready to GO!!! Let me just walk to my car and enjoy a nice peaceful drive…

A shadow of a person walks past me and into a building. Sorry, through. Through a building.

[Memory…. Uploading…]


Download Complete.

Me: "Yes, this is great!

Sherry: "Oh! Once you go up in spiritual practice, you can never go down. You'll start seeing more! Don't worry! You can turn it off!"

Ah shit.


Thank you for reading part 4 of my great, ridiculous adventure with Spirit! I hope you chuckled or learned something new! Please be on the lookout for part 5! How many parts are there going to be? I have no idea!

Best & Brightest!

Hil 🤟

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