Broken Mirror's & Washing Walls

One of the ladies I overheard talking was kind enough to give me this Sherry woman's contact information. I was so nervous writing her an email and had no idea if this woman could even help me, let alone answer back. How do I start?! "Hello there! Gar and I would love to chit-chat!" Terrible. How about "Hello random lady that I've never met or heard of! Can you tell this demon to kindly go away for me? Just stop.

Instead, I said hello, introduced myself, and asked if they were willing to see me. Keep it simple, eh?



I felt excited and wanted to puke at the same time. Bucket of mess. She couldn't see me for another two weeks, but it was something. In the meantime, I thought I would put matters into my own hand and do my own research to fix this problem. How bad can the internet be …

After waking up with all the lights on, I removed the cross I slept with and chanted a protective spell I read online. I'm doing great. I had the day off and mustered the guts to go into one of those spiritual shops. A young girl was running the shop. A lot of black and skull tattoos.

At least she's not wearing velvet.

"Hello! Uh, my names Hilary and I think I have a spirit problem in my house? Do you have any sage for, uh, what the hell did the internet call it, smudging?"

"Is it dangerous. Has it tried to hurt you. Is it violent. Has it thrown anything or tried to take over your body."



So I returned home with 50 dollars worth of protective crystals, sage, crosses, and a book on warding evil. By noon it was a typical afternoon. I'm wearing several crystals smudged a cross on my forehead. Reciting prayers from the bible while wafting sage that's burning in my mom's mixing bowl with a turkey feather that was 25% off. Jealous?

I needed help. So, I asked a friend to come over and inspect my house. They were into spiritual stuff, so of course, they knew what was best, right?

Wouldn't even come in the house. They freaked out and refused to go in.

I'm moving.


After finally persuading them to come in, they revealed I had a dark force coming from my bedroom. "It watches you sleep."


"You have a broken mirror facing your bed! This is a direct portal to you!"



"You have to wash every wall in this house! Quickly!" WHY IS THERE ALWAYS A RUSH! "The evil has seeped into the foundations of the home. Put a cross in the water before you wash... before it's too late". AGAIN WITH THE DEADLINE They then left, simply looked at me, and said, "Welp, good luck!"

Never heard from them since.

So, I rolled up my sleeves, got the closest thing that looked like a cross into a bowl of soapy water, and washed my walls while listening to Pentatonic. I've lost my mind.


Sherry: "BAHAHAHA, you did what?! Too late?! Bah! DEMON?! Stop, stop! Who the hell told you all of that crap? That's just too funny!"

"Eh …?"

I learned more in that one hour with Sherry than I did in almost 8 months.

  1. I do not have a demon.

  2. I am out 50 bucks and ruined my mother's mixing bowl.

"At least you have a head start to Spring cleaning!!! Tehehehe!"


A terrifying chapter ends, and a new one begins. Thank you for reading Part 3! Find out what I learn from Sherry in Part 4!

Best & Brightest!

Hil 🤟

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