Spiritual Guidance

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Hilary York –  Spiritual Coach

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 My name is Hilary, and I’d love to be of service to you! I am a Psychic Medium, intuitive reader, and practicing healer. What does that mean? I receive messages from Spirit through pictures, words, smells, physical emotions, and so much more! Clairvoyancy is what I am known for, though I practice all the psychic senses! I specialize in bringing awareness to what is most needed for you in your journey in the present moment to move comfortably forward. We tend to live in a futuristic mindset which can cause much anxiety and emotional distress. I help remedy any frustrations or discomfort by channeling messages for you from Spirit, which will help guide you in making comfortable steps forward in your journey. I channel intuitively and love to use cards to bring something tangible to the table! I would love to tell you your messages from passed over loved ones or your spiritual guides! They usually have a LOT to say! I hope to be a guiding light for you and help bring healing, recovery, strength, direction, and courage back into your life! I can’t wait to meet you!


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Areas covered include:
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Love and Relationships





Career and Passions

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Guidance for Goals and Self-Mastery




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

All sessions are one-on-one Zoom calls or delivered via email. Please contact us for any personal queries

"Because you see, what’s meant for you will always, always find you."

-Tosha Silver

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Guided Meditation

Are you ready to see what needs to be seen? Are you willing to travel alone with only the sound of my voice to help guide you there? The answers you seek are in your garden. Only you can go there, and I will help you get there. You will see the answers for yourself.


Guided Meditation includes open discussion and interpretation of messages within your meditation experience.


Please contact me to organize a time for either a zoom or phone call, or designated in-person location.

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Distance Reiki

Reiki or reiki energy, is a source of light available to everyone who is in need of healing, or calming energy. The reiki practitioner acts as a channel to give this universal light energy to the person in need. During your reiki session, energies, or chakras, will be realigned and relieved of any heaviness the person may be experiencing. All that is required is a willing heart and an open mind. Energy is fluid, as is time. Reiki can be given from a distance and the affects equal to an in-person experience. Distance reiki, from the comfort of your home, office or current location.

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