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Hello there! My name is Hilary, and I’d love to be of service to you! I am a Psychic Medium, intuitive reader, and practicing healer. What does that mean? I receive messages from Spirit through pictures, words, smells, physical emotions, and so much more! Clairvoyancy is what I am known for, though I practice all the psychic senses! I specialize in bringing awareness to what is most needed for you in your journey in the present moment to move comfortably forward. We tend to live in a futuristic mindset which can cause much anxiety and emotional distress. I help remedy any frustrations or discomfort by channeling messages for you from Spirit, which will help guide you in making comfortable steps forward in your journey. I channel intuitively and love to use cards to bring something tangible to the table! I would love to tell you your messages from passed over loved ones or your spiritual guides! They usually have a LOT to say! I hope to be a guiding light for you and help bring healing, recovery, strength, direction, and courage back into your life! I can’t wait to meet you!

Please feel free to visit my blog section to hear my stories, helpful advice, spiritual happenings, and any other shenanigans I get myself into ....out of? :D

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